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Your Career Counseling - please contact

We invite new researchers at GFZ & PIK to an individual introductory meeting to provide information for a productive postdoc phase. If you want to address the following questions or issues, feel free to contact us for a confidential appointment!

What can I do after my postdoc?

How do I apply successfully?

  •  CV Check
  •  Interview preparation
  •  Next step after being rejected

How to succeed as woman?

  • Funding for female scientists
  • Mentoring and advice
  • Negotiate and assert yourself

What fundings are available?

  • My funding eligibility
  • Short-term and follow-up financing
  • Funding opportunities in Germany

Is industry a good alternative?

  • Skills required for industry
  • Freedom, salary, job security
  • Facts and myths

How to become a professor?

  • My professional profile
  • Strategic networking
  • Insights into selection procedures

How to balance science & life?

  • Dual careers in science
  • Abroad with family
  • Planning parental leave and return

How can I deal with conflicts?

  • Conflicts with PIs or team members
  • Dealing with changing expectations
  • Overcoming challenges