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Career Coaching Process

Our Career Coaching process aims to give you a clear idea of your next career steps. Within the 6 sessions you walk through an intense process on self reflecting, exploring the job market, talking to a variety of different people and deciding what direction to go.

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  • Get to know what the Coaching Process is about and find out where you are now - Review systematic your Status Quo!

    Session I

  • Explore what is important to you and what you really want – Discover your values and find your goal!

    Session II

  • Learn how to research the job market for companies/jobs/people - Widen your perspective!

    Session III

  • Establish your personal brand or do a critical reality check if a job transition is needed - Show what makes you unique!

    Session IV

  • Prepare your CV, cover letter and for job interview - Become confident!

    Session V

  • Let´s wrap up the process and agree on next concret steps - Keep going your way!

    Session VI