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Good to Know - as a Postdoc at GFZ

The Career Center is a central contact point for all young researchers at GFZ. We guide you to various services at GFZ that support you in your professional development.

Guidelines make life easier

GFZ Meeting on Career Prospects pdf

Annual appraisal meeting at GFZ intern

Fixed-term employment at GFZ  pdf

Permanent employment at GFZ   intern

Helmholtz Postdoc Guidelines  link

Online resources

For self-organized learning or sleepless nights, we have a short list of interesting online resources like courses, moocs, career blogs.

Coursera | edX | Harvard Online Learning | MIT open courseware | Stanford Online | Mooc House | MOOC List - MOOC and online courses search data base | Individual Development Plan | The Professor is in (Blog) | How to write a research plan

German language courses

The GFZ German language courses are our evergreens!

New courses usually start at the beginning of the year and after the summer holidays.

Ask for a placement test and free course places.