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Career Events & Networking

Building your own network is essential for your career development!

Geo Postdoc Session - GPS

The Career Center organizes regular get-together meetings named GPS - Geo Postdoc Session to support the networking of young researchers at GFZ. This one-hour session - currently online - includes short expert presentations and time for discussion in a relaxed atmosphere.

Topics in 2021: Research Stay Abroad - with & without family | Funding for postdocs - new & less-known | Supervising Students - ambition & reality

Topics in 2020: Is there a hidden jobmarket for geoscientists? | The Emmy Noether experience | Mentoring in science: Why does it matter? | The one about professional CVs: Do's and have To's | The one about good & great proposals | The one about Tenure in academia

Topics in 2019: Successfully applying for DFG “Eigene Stelle” I Jobs in Research Data Management I Ready for your ERC grant application?

Career Day

The annual Career Day is a communication format that brings together expert knowledge of seniors on career development with open questions from 80 to 100 early career scientists. The Career Day is an opportunity to gather information, to present one’s skills and ideas and to network.

The virtual Career Day 2021 was about both considering skills and opportunities for a successful career development in academia. It was to gather information, to prepare for road blocks, to network, and to develop a personal career strategy further!

The Career Day 2019 was about considering research-based job opportunities close to academia. Experts gave an idea how those careers in data science, innovation policies, research-based consulting … can look like and what is required for a successful career move to these new fields of work.

Career Day 2021

Career Day 2019