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8th Geo Postdoc Session: The one about good and great proposals ONLINE SESSION ON ZOOM

Dr. ina Neugebauer (GFZ, Project Office) | Prof. Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth (4.5)

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Ina Neugebauer from GFZ Project Office and Prof. Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, Director of Department Geosystems, will share their knowledges, insights and experiences on writing a compelling research proposal. In this session, you will gain perspectives of both a postdoctoral researcher and a reviewer when preparing a competitive proposal. You shouldn’t miss this opportunity to discuss your concerns with our experts and to get many tips on proposal writing, also some that will surprise you.

Date: 22th of September 2020; 2.30  - 3.30pm online on Zoom

Please register and get the Zoom meeting link by sending an email to: