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Teaching Strategies Training | 16 & 17 June | 9.00-12.00

Lecturer         Dr. Maryory Sarria Dulcey (GFZ Career Center)

Short Summary

Teaching is an active construction of knowledge that happens in different settings called classrooms, labs, field trips, etc. Despite being very knowledgeable in a topic, some lecturers find it challenging delivering their courses in different and more approachable ways, whereas others would like to have more resources and techniques to enrich their courses. This short course will give you the ability to create welcoming and inclusive learning environments, as well as the possibility to explore different ways of delivering your teaching. This is a theoretical and practical course.

What this course will cover:

  1. An overview of how teaching works.
  2. How to create an open and inclusive teaching environment. Know your students preconceptions and create personal connections. 
  3. Some of the most common teaching strategies at the University level. 
  4. Why Peer Review teaching matters.

For this course you don´t require any previous experience.

Please bring along paper and pen. See you there!